Keep on the Shadowfell

Keep on the Shadowfell Log
Tuesday, March29th, 2011
Keep on the Shadowfell Log
Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Day 4

The group wakes up to find that Dust has left for Winterhaven to lick his wounds, and will not be able to catch up for some time.

The remaining four heroes press on through the wilderness, following Eilian’s smudgy bar-napkin, and finally come to their destination.

They peer into the burial site, a great crater, and observe a strange group inside of it, digging through the bones of the wyrm that once resided there. One of them, a Gnome Skulk, steps forward to greet the heroes. Calling himself Agrid, he claims that he is an associate of Douven Staul, and the two have been working together to uncover the dragon’s treasure. Our heroes quickly see through the facade, and Agrid commands his team to attack.

A quick, but decisive battle ensues, and takes its toll. Flaria is bloodied and beaten unconscious, but her comrades still claim victory. Eldrick finds the treasure that Agrid had been digging for, and discovers that it seems to be a useless old mirror. They discover their old mentor, Douven, caged and hidden off to the side of the crater. He thanks his old students, expressing his pride for them. Before leaving to reunite with his wife, he gifts his magic locket to Flaria, in the hopes that its abilities might imbue her with the strength to make it safely back to Winterhaven.

Now that our merry band of adventurers have completed their journey, what lays in store for them now? Mystery surrounds the small village of Winterhaven, and these strange ongoing attacks must mean something…

Keep on the Shadowfell Log
Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Day 3

After a night of nonstop drinking in a time period where stomach pumping doesn’t exist, Aurvandil passed away from alcohol poisoning. In the morning however, a new hero introduced himself to our brave heroes. Dravokiin, an elven ranger, who had also been mentored by Douven Staul. He was readily accepted into the band of warriors, except by Flaria for some reason. The group briefly mourned Aurvandil, and had a little (read: a lot) of torrid sex with the innkeeper, and then set out to find the site of the dragon’s ancient hoard.

Almost as soon as they leave the town, the heroes are once again set upon by a kobold brigand. The epic battle took its toll on the heroes, but in the end they emerged victorious.

As the group took to licking their wounds, Eldrick noticed a curious figurine around the neck of one of the kobold wyrmpriests. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was a depiction of Orcus, Demon Lord of the Undead.

What need would a kobold have to worship Orcus? And in this quiet region of the world, how would Orcus serve them? It seems another mystery has fallen upon our motley crew…

Keep on the Shadowfell Log
Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Douven Staul, legendary adventurer, has gone missing!

After hearing word of an ancient dragon burial site southwest of the town of Winterhaven, Douven went in search of its hoard, and has not been heard from since.

Luckily, Douven has spent years of his travels mentoring young people to become exceptional warriors and adventurers like himself. Now, five of those students have gathered outside of Winterhaven to come to his aid.

Aurvandil! A brave human Runepriest.

Dust! A cunning dwarf Warlock, with a stare that could cut stone.

Eldrick! Noble and selfless Dragonborn Paladin.

Flaria Naughtynipples! Mostly-naked Half-elf Bard.

And Killfist! Comically long-necked Dragonborn Fighter.

Day 1

On the old, rutted King’s Road, the heroes did battle with a frightening Kobold Brigand. After a long, tumultuous battle, filled with out-of-place speech writing, partial nudity and sword-sodomy, the group set up camp to rest and heal the day’s wounds. Upon waking, they pushed forward toward the town of Winterhaven.

Day 2

After arguing for some time over how to get into the town, Aurvandil tried something crazy: He asked politely to be let in! The heroes then invaded Wrafton’s Inn, the local tavern and lodging, and asked around about Douven. Only Eilian the Old had any useful information, and was able to pen a small map for the group, pointing to the dragon burial site.

We last saw our merry band of warriors taking rest at the Inn. Killfist and Flaria trying to board with the innkeeper and Eilian, respectively, and the other three sipping on their complimentary ale.


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